Native American Religious Beliefs and Customs

                 File:Ancient sick native american.jpg

Even though negative stereotypes exist, the Native American culture is complex, with natural healing ceremonies as a central part of its religion and culture.

1. Native Americans’ religious beliefs about life influences their relationship with nature.

  • Adopted Christian views of monotheism,one God- Known as “Great Mystery”
  • Believe it is crucial for the spirit to remain balanced and connected to the earth and universe
  • The name of an individual is connected to the earth

2. Sickness:

  • believed to be a gift from the Creator
  • also caused by immoral behavior
  • the disabled are treated with great respect


File:Sugar-Making Among the Indians in the North.gif

The Healer

  • also known as Medicine Man, Herbalist, Spirit Communicator
  • elder leader is an authority figure
  • seen as a counselor or pastor



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